AWS Elemental Support Center

Now available within
the AWS Management Console

Support for AWS Elemental on-premises appliances is now available in the AWS Elemental Support Center, which is part of the AWS Elemental Appliances & Software service in the AWS Management Console.

To access the AWS Elemental Support Center, your organization needs to have an AWS account and an active Elemental service plan. We recommend beginning with our Getting Started Guide for an introduction and overall requirements. The AWS Elemental Support Center - User Guide is your step-by-step guide for navigating and using the Elemental Support Center.

If you previously used the Elemental User Community to download software or manage technical support cases, we need to migrate your on-premises purchase history and support cases to the new service. This connects your historical data to the correct AWS account for your organization.

There are three basic steps to the migration process:

  1. Identify or create an AWS account for your organization
  2. Register that AWS account with the AWS Elemental Appliances and Software service
  3. Add other users from your company to the service using IAM policies
If your organization already has an account, great! We just need to know your account ID number so we can connect your data to it. Contact us through the Access Request form with your account ID and we will promptly take action. If you don’t have an AWS account, you’ll need to create one by following the steps provided in our Getting Started Guide. Once an AWS account is created for your organization, contact us through the Access Request form.

Getting Product Technical Support During Your Migration

You and your organization can still file support cases by email:

For urgent issues, contact support via our 24hr phone numbers:
Region Phone Numbers
Americas (US) +1 503 222 3212 (local), +1 888 900 8104 (toll-free)
EMEA (UK) +44 118 9165201
APAC (HK) +852 2597 1688 (local)

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